'The Fabric of You' World Premier at The 2019 Edinburgh International Film Festival

The time has come! Wow what a year it has been. Thank you to everyone for making this become a reality. Our short, stop motion animated film 'The Fabric of You' will be premiering at The 2019 Edinburgh International Film Festival on the 29th of June, starring Iain Glen (from Game of Thrones) and Damien Molony (from Being Human). Keep your eyes peeled for many more exciting things to come...


Director Obession - Xavier Dolan

My director obsession this month is the incredibly talented French, Canadian director and actor Xavier Dolan. Having directed and written his first feature film at 20 and roughly generating a film a year Dolan continues to amaze the film world. He began his career as a child actor in commercials before directing several arthouse feature films. He first received international acclaim in 2009 for his debut feature I Killed My Mother which is an touching autobiographical portrait of a mother and son. 

You Can't Go Wrong With Charles Burns

For anyone who's a fan of Burn's work, Last Look is a book not to be missed.

"Last Look unites Burns' epic trilogy of X'ED OUT, The Hive and Sugar Skull into one seamless saga of nightmarish guilt, creation, and emotional terror. It is the story of Doug, who as we meet him drifts in and out of reality and a hallucinatory fever dream that recalls the cleanly delineated world of Herge combined with the horrific visions of William Burroughs and David Lynch. As the story opens he is recovering from a devastating trauma and trying to piece together how it happened. It is also the story of Doug's memory of his infatuation with Sarah, a brilliant but troubled art student who seems to be in mortal fear of something - or some." 

Old Plexus magazine covers

Plexus which only released 37 issues was a monthly mag which supported famous and unknown underground french artists of the time, it is now a great collectable pop item from France and well known for its erotic paintings, photographs, drawings, and articles